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OT: NEW Obscure Fic Community

I hope you don't mind if I post this here. I've created a new community for the more obscure bits of LotR fanfic. Y'all seem to have tastes that are in keeping with what the com is about. In fact, I got the idea to create it after reading the wonderful fics from this challenge. So...

If you have a hankering for tales from the more oscure corners of Middle Earth, then lotr_hinterland is the place for you! This community is meant to be a place for fanfic and discussion about the inhabitants and lands we just don't often hear much about (Easterlings need stories, too! And Dunlendings, Variags, Beornings, Breeland hobbits, pretty much any variety of dwarf...You get the idea).

We welcome fanfic of all genres (including gen, het, and slash) and all ratings. Non-members can post to the community. So even if you only have one story that fits the bill and don't want to join another community, go ahead and post! We want your obscure fic!

For more details, read the community info.
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