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By Request: Holiday Mathoms 2004

Sign-ups are now over -- thank you and watch this comm!

I tried to think of something that would be a little different from other holiday exchanges going around right now, that would still give you plenty of creative room. And much as we all love December holiday stories, let's face it: you've probably have had your fill by the time the season rolls through! So here's the idea:

For the story you'll receive:

1) Pick any holiday that doesn't take place in December. Make sure there could be a some sort of Middle-Earth equivalent.

2) Choose the star(s) of your story. This can be, for example:
  • one or two characters
  • a pairing
  • a family
  • a culture/people (ie. Rohirrim, hobbit, etc.) and, if necessary, a time period
  • heck, even a particular item ;)

    3) Pick a rating (ie. PG) or a rating range (ie. PG-R).
    4) Do you have a problem with or a preference for slash, or no preference?

    For the story you'll give:

    1) What is the highest rating you're willing/able to write?
    2) Is there any Tolkien material you feel you cannot write well (ie. a particular species or character)?
    3) What can you write, source-wise: LOTR, Silm, both, or movie-canon only?

    Sign up in the comments to this post by this Monday (12/20) and you should have your assignment by the following day. (All entries will be screened but I'll keep a public tally of how many participants we have so far.) The rules:

  • All resultant mathoms must be posted in this community by January 25.
  • All resultant mathoms must be at least 500 words long. That's five drabbles, you can do it! Hell, if you wanted to DO five drabbles, you could I suppose. A gift is a gift, and several small gifts are just as nice. ;)
  • Don't sign up if you're not serious.
  • If you can't finish, let me know ASAP.

    Also, one request: please try to ask for something that hasn't been done a million times over already? We're a creative lot, I think, and "obscure" doesn't seem to be a problem around here...

    PS: Psst. The more the merrier! Pass this link around!
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